Startup Incorporation

Incorporate your thoughtful Startup in the United States from anywhere in the World with our end-to-end Startup Founders incorporation services.

Startup Incorporation

Whether an US citizen or a foreign person, we can help you incorporate your business in the United States

EIN with IRS

Obtain EIN (business tax number) with the IRS as a US person or a foreign person with our expert services

Open Virtual Bank Account

Open up a virtual bank account in the United States with mercury, wise etc and get the freedom to transact borderless

We help build your Startup and accelerate the growth

Our nationwide incorporation services are designed to help you start your business, grow and protect it from the legal risks that come with running a business. We help our clients incorporate their businesses with appropriate entity structure, preparing and filing incorporation documents, and providing ongoing support for matters that arise in the daily operation of the business.

We will help you choose the best type of entity structure that suits your business needs, prepare your incorporation documents and file them with the appropriate authorities including opening a virtual bank account and much more. We will provide ongoing support as you build your new business with directors appointment, corporate resolutions, tax planning and much more.

We assist the Startup Founders to incorporate nationwide anywhere in the United States and NOT JUST IN DELAWARE.

Our Core Services

Founders around the world are looking to incorporate and invest in the United States as part of the startup ecosystem afforded by the United States. Our experts are experienced in startup advisory services including corporate structuring and compiling appropriate documentations necessary to build a startup in the United States.

Business Incorporation
Registering a startup in the United States.

We assist in incorporating following entities in the United States: 

  • Single Member LLC
  • Multi Member LLC
  • C Corp
  • S Corp
  • Non Profit Organization
Corporate Structuring
Registering your startup in the United States.

We assist in advising best corporate structure that suits your startup and level of compliances your are looking forward to. This helps in creating different pool of equity stake holdings to reward the employees in the form of ESOPs and stakeholders with bonus equity.

Brand protection for your startup.

We assist with submitting trademark applications in the United States, which can help in protecting your brand globally and take a holistic approach with our in-depth research including identifying proper trademark classification based upon your business industry and activities.

Tax Elections
Critical tax elections for tax planning.

We assist in making timely tax elections in Form 8832 with the IRS that suits your startup needs, avoiding default entity classification by the IRS as per the tax codes.

Registered Agent
Reputed registered agent for your startup.

It is mandatory for any startup to appoint a registered agent in the United States, which is necessary for any startup to remain in a good standing and active status.

Founders Operating Agreement
Operating Agreement based on business structure.

We provide founders operating agreement customised based on their business requirements for having full control over the business.

ESOP agreement
Strategies for rewarding key employees.

We provide employee stock options agreement so that the startup entity can retain the best talent in the industry and reward its employees in the form of ESOP without diluting equity holdings in the startup by the stakeholders.

Shareholder’s Stock Certificate
Stock certificates for equity holders.

We provide appropriate stock certificates to each shareholder of the corporation for their records which are necessary to lock a corporate deal and transfer of equity to a new stakeholder in the business.

Business Tax ID
EIN for your startup.

We assist with opening virtual bank account in the United States with prominent banks offering virtual banking services and international payment gateways across the globe.

Annual Report Filings
Annual compliances for your startup.

We assist with corporate annual report filings with the Secretary of the State in the United States, which is necessary for any startup to remain in a good standing and active status.

Franchise Tax Payments
Annual tax liabilities for your startup.

We assist in determining franchise tax liability with the Secretary of the State and making arrangements for its payment accordingly, which is necessary for any startup to remain in a good standing and active status.


Employee retention tax credit abbreviated as “ERC” is a retroactive refundable tax credit provided by the CARES Act in 2020 for supporting businesses to retain employees in  2020 & 2021.

Employers who were impacted as follows are eligible for ERTC:

1. full or partial suspension orders by the Government, or

2. Had significant decline in sales, or

3. Started business operations after 02/15/2020, or

4. Severely financially distressed employer

Employee retention tax credit (ERC) are not taxable but the employers are required to reduce wages declared on income tax returns for respective years for which Employee retention tax credit have been approved by the IRS. You will have to file an amended income tax return in most cases.

Employee retention tax credit (ERC) can be claimed until Q3 2021 for businesses other than recovery startups & severely financially distressed employer. If your business qualifies as recovery startups or severely financially distressed employer , then you can be eligible for Q3 2021 & Q4 2021 Employee retention tax credit (ERC).

The lawmakers passed Infrastructure Act (Bipartisan Law) to restrict the businesses from claiming Employee retention tax credit (ERC) beyond Q4 2021. There are no signs for ERC to be extended for 2022 despite businesses are still struggling to get back with normal operations.

Yes, Non profit organizations are equally eligible as other for profit businesses to claim Employee retention tax credit (ERC).

Yes, even if you incorporated or started your business operations in 2020, you are still eligible for Employee retention tax credit (ERC) under normal eligibility route or recovery startup business.

Yes, employers who have availed PPP loan forgiveness are still eligible for Employee retention tax credit (ERC). However, no double dipping of payroll costs as declared on PPP loan forgiveness applications.

As per Constructive ownership rules, owners having more than 50% interest in the business are not eligible for Employee retention tax credit (ERC). However, other non related employees can still be eligible for Employee retention tax credit (ERC)

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