By utilizing the tax credits and incentives you are entitled to, we can promote innovation while reducing tax obligations using best business strategies


You understand that the satisfaction of your customers with your brand directly affects your success if you work in the restaurant, hotel, food, beverage, or tourism industries. The delicate and competitive sector wants seasoned experts that can help your difficulties and spot your prospects.

IncenCred offers integrated accounting, tax, financial advisory, and consulting services that follow industry best practises for the hospitality sector. We can help you with everything from creating a budget and projection to offering guidance on business growth and offering specialised hospitality consultancy for operations and licences.

Technology, Media, & Telecommunications

The innovative sectors of our economy are technology, media, and telecommunications. In this sector, it's usual to face challenges like dynamic changes, ongoing development, international competitiveness, and cybersecurity issues. IncenCred helps your company get ready by providing tax advising, compliance, and transaction preparation in addition to cutting-edge digital solutions.

Our sector knowledge assists you in capital transactions and in locating incentive schemes that can be used to monetize tax credits. while continuing to adhere to the necessary provisions of licence and registration agreements.
We respect your vision!


The healthcare sector is dealing with rising expenses and quickly changing requirements. With the introduction of new technology, the sector will soon have unexpected chances to boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

In addition to taxes and accounting, IncenCred aids healthcare businesses' business and strategic planning. While putting a focus on enhancing your billing and collection systems, our experts assist with rate setting and expense reporting.
We are the source you can trust!

Real Estate

We understand the foundations of your industry, whether you are a real estate developer, owner, investor, or property management. Our extensive experience in this area enables us to provide clients with cost-effective operational support by providing resources in accounting, tax advising, tax credits, auditing, and cash flow planning.

By addressing their transactional support, capital sourcing, and cost segregation issues, we provide eminent real estate enterprises with our services. IncenCred combines expertise and technology to help you find opportunities and maximise the return on your investments.


For the purpose of building a better future, not-for-profit organisations are always changing. Their financial management and regulatory burden, however, make for a difficult working environment. IncenCred focuses on providing services that support your tax-exempt status with open guidance on governance since they recognise your significance in society.

Strong insight forecasting and consulting have been made possible by our dependable experience in a variety of not-for-profit industries. IncenCred provides your company with the most recent accounting guidelines, tax regulations, and specialised audits.
We support you in achieving your goals!


Under a competitive market climate, a manufacturer and distributor must adapt. The people of Kewalk understand your need to keep up with the economy's speed in order to maintain a steady supply chain and high production.

IncenCred, a company focused on enhancing your company's finances and operations, provides budgeting, accounting, and cash flow techniques along with solutions that cut expenses and lower risk to your company. On trades that could significantly increase your costs, our team provides advice and assistance.
We provide complete support for your enterprise!

Drop Shopping

Sales are being made possible without maintaining or managing any inventory thanks to the expanding and automated business sector. The demand for financing grows as sales increase.

IncenCred may help your drop shipping company negotiate the complexity of the industry by preparing your company with accounting, audit, and tax services.
We support the development of your company!


The e-commerce sector is driving fierce rivalry throughout the market, whether you are selling on Amazon, EBay, or Shopify with digital ease and revolutionary technologies. The business must have continuous cash flow and profitability in order to support regular sales.

IncenCred assists your company in growing by offering accounting advice and managing local and state tax compliance regulations.
You are protected by us!

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