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By utilizing the tax credits and incentives you are entitled to, we can promote innovation while reducing tax obligations using best business strategies

Claiming Accounting


Let us look after your day to day business transactions and accounting needs for accurate financial statements and year end compliances.

Tax Credits
Startup Incorporation

Startup Incorporation

Incorporate your startup with us for your International Business and get all the services with our one stop solution for your startup business.

Preparing Tax Return

Tax Preparations

By planning your taxation and providing you with tax reduction advice, our tax experts enable you to minimise and manage your tax responsibilities.

Tax Credits
Claiming Tax Credits

Tax Credits

Tax credits are the best tools to reduce huge tax burdens, pay off past tax bills, mitigate payroll tax liabilities, increase cash flows to the business operations.

Claiming Business Grants

Business Grants

Government grants provides support to the businesses to achieve its goals and objectives, create employment and meet its business expenses. During the pandemic, various authorities in the United States provided immeasurable grants to the businesses to keep the business running and generate the employment opportunities.

Business Grants
Research for Tax Credits

Claiming the Tax Credits


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    IncenCred is a nationwide tax credit service provider comprising a team of tax professionals experienced in the tax credit industry. We use tax credits as a tool to optimize business taxes by reducing tax burdens.